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Do your kids like plastic toys

Do your kids like plastic toys? Well, I guess it’s time for them to play with plastic toys.

I have always liked kids’ plastic toys since I was five. I always ran along on the back of a jumpping horse pretending to be a cowboy from the West when I was a little girl. Now I’m a mother and I still like buying these timeless plastic toys. They will never be out of style. My daughter has a child’s jumpping horse. The great thing about this type of toys is that they will last generations if they are treated kindly.What if they do break and can’t be repaired? Well, at least they can be dealt with without having any bad effects on the environment. 

I like all types of plastic toys. There is such a wide variety of plastic toys today and the choice is getting bigger day by day. As plastic becomes more and more expensive because of rising oil prices and the environmental issues concerning plastic,we should make the plastic toy more safe and environmentally friendly.


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